Dragon vs Tiger Winning Tricks

Dragon vs Tiger winning tricks

Dragon vs Tiger Winning Tricks and Dragon vs Tiger Winning Apps

If you want to earn money by playing games in dragon vs tiger application, then I will tell you about Dragon vs Tiger winning tricks. Later I will give all the applications below. Can I win by playing the game Dragon vs Tiger? Yes, you can absolutely win, there is a trick for this, that I am going to tell you today. First of all, know the full name of D and T, D means Dragon and T means Tiger.

In this game the cards are shown on both sides indicating D&T and the tie is shown in the middle. In this Dragon vs Tiger game, the biggest card is the king and the smallest Card is the Ekka. The people of the site will win the side on which the big cards come. If both sides got the same card, then at the same time those who would have put money in place of the tie, then they get 8 times or how many times they should get in the game.

Whatever money is spent on the other two sides such as Dragon and Tiger is returned. There are some tips in this Dragon vs Tiger game that if you play carefully, you can definitely win.

First whatever old record is shown above like dd tt and dt dt similarly series record is shown. First of all you have to understand what is going on in the series like D is going on, D is coming continuously so you have to invest money towards D itself.

If T-series is going on then you have to continuously bat in place of T till the series is changed. If a series like DT DT lasts for a short time then you have to invest money according to DT DT.

All the applications of such Dragon vs Tiger wining tricks all work in the same way. There is one more thing to keep in mind while playing every game. Which side has the least money you have to play the site paying more attention as it has been seen that in Dragon vs Tiger application the place with least money is winning. Keeping this point in mind, if you play this game, then you will definitely win, it is our complete belief.

All types of dragon vs tiger winning application are given below, you can download and install it comfortably and without any problem, you can get 10 or 20 any bonus as soon as you install this game later How you can add and start games of even bigger amounts.


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