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Dragon vs Tiger Rummy App

Indian Best Dragon vs Tiger apk real cash game for Android version apps for Android user.Indian No1 winning gaming Application.This Application in instant payment withdrawal provide company real time giving withdrawal.Every Bank Account , Paytm & UPI in Cash out option Available.Every Wallet,Net banking,UPI & Debit Card to Add cash option available.All Dragon vs Tiger apk game in require minimum balance is 50 rupees to above to play game .Dragon vs Tiger apk in Playing bet amount is minimum 10 rupees.If you interested to high amount betting as your choice.Some apkapk in Card counter betting available.This apk name is Teen patti palace ,Teen Patti Club,Rummy Nabob,Rummy Club,Rummy Tour,Rummy Morden,Rummy Wealth,Rummy Best,Teen patti royal, Teen Patti Party,Teen Patti plus,Teen Patti One,Teen Patti Vungo,Teen Patti Master & Teen Patti Gold.

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Teen Patti Master Apk For Android user

Teen Patti Palace Apk Download


In this Application Rummy,7up down ,Best of Five,Teen Patti,Andar Bahar,Car Roulette, Variation,Teen Patti 20-20,AK 47 Teen patti,Zoo Roulette,10 Cards, Poker & 3 Card Poker Game Available.


If you want to play Dragon vs Tiger game in Teen Patti Plus, then you have to pay attention to these things. First of all you have to understand Dragon vs Tiger game. For a day or two, first of all, you have to pay attention and see if you have as much as you can in Dragon vs Tiger game. After adding how much money you will never lose from this game.

If you add ₹81000 money then you will never lose in dragon vs tiger game. After that, you have to play the game by looking at how the series is going in Dragon vs Tiger game. As Tiger is running then it will run three or four times. When the dragon moves three or four times in a row it can be even more than the D moves. When any site is coming continuously, then you have to invest money on that side. Till the series does not change, you have to invest money on the same side. After that there is another trick in which the dragon came, followed by the tiger came, in the same way the alternative came, so you have to understand that Series will run like this for the next two or four times, after that it will not work for a long time.

There is another trick in which you can win money from this app by investing money on the same side. First of all choose one place in which start with ₹ 10, if you lose, do ₹ 30, then if you lose, then do 30 rupees, then if you lose at the same place, then do ₹ 50, then ₹120, then 300 after that ₹700 After that ₹1600 after that ₹3500 after that ₹9000 after that ₹20000 after that ₹45000 in the same way you can win money from this game by investing money at the same place.

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