Teen Patti Duddu App for Android user

Teen Patti Duddu App for Android user


This Teen Patti Duddu is a good application and within five months I have earned ₹50000 from this app. Here only available for Android phones. The size of this app is only 34MB. If you sign in with your mobile number in this app then you get bonus of ₹30.

App Details

OS : Android
Category : Casino
Type : Real cash game
Size : 34MB
Version : 1.2.8
Bonus : ₹30
Withdrawal : Bank /Paytm
Minimum : ₹110

Teen Patti Duddu App in Games

1. Teen Patti
2. Rummy
3. Andar Bahar
4. Baccarat AB
5. Baccarat 3 patti
6. Royal Teen Patti
7. AK 47 Teen Patti
8. Dragon vs Tiger
9. 7up down
10. Jhandi Munda
11. Red vs Black
12. Win Go

Teen Patti Duddu App Andar Bahar Game Winning Trick

First of all, you have to play this game by keeping maximum balance in your wallet.  If you play with low balance, you can lose.  When you start the game, you have to see how many players are with you. After that, while you put money, you have to pay attention to which side is putting the rest of your players first. The side which is getting more money, then you have to look carefully.  You have to decide on the 5 seconds of the end of the batting time, you have to put the side which has less money.

There is another trick which is that the A side is coming continuously so you have to go that way. If B side is coming continuously then you have to go to B side.

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How to Cash Add in Teen Patti Duddu App

First of all, the Add Case button is given in the bottom right side corner. Click on that Add cash button to go ahead. After that the option of recharge will appear, with that the recharge amount will have to be selected any one. Then that click on the add cash button to go ahead. After that an information table will appear in front of you, first of all you have to write your name.  After that click on submit button with mobile number and gmail.

Then after that your internet browser will open. After that the list of payment gateway company will come.  UPI, Google Pay, Paytm, Phone Pe, Bhim UPI, Amazon UPI will all be visible, you will have to pay from one of these.

How to Withdrawal in Teen Patti Duddu App

To withdraw the money you have won in this game, you have to click on the Withdraw button. After that you have to fill up your bank details. For example, by entering the account number and IFSC code, save it.  After that, according to how much money you have in your wallet, click on the given amount and select it. Your 5% money should be more than the selected money on the wallet because that Tax will be cut. As soon as the whole process is completed, the money will come to your bank account within 48 hours but are going to tell that it is taking more time but it gets the money immediately.

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