Which is Best Trick for Dragon vs Tiger Game

Which is Best Trick for Dragon vs Tiger Game
Dragon vs Tiger apk

In today’s page I will tell how to win money by playing Dragon vs Tiger game. I have won ₹7000 to ₹22000 by this trick.

Dragon vs Tiger Game Trick

I first installed this app and added ₹7000 cash. After adding money I opened Dragon vs Tiger game. I saw T came thrice and D came thrice. After that the next batting was going on, D had less money and T had more money, so I put ₹3000 on D and won. Again I won the next bet by placing ₹4000 on D. Here I will tell you one thing that when the series goes on, it has come more than 4 times, then you have to understand that it is going to come 5 to 6 times.

Dragon vs Tiger Game Trick continue


Again I put ₹5000 on D site and got it done there too. Here the balance on my wallet was ₹18400. Next batting I put ₹1000 on the same D and that too was won. Here the series of dragons was completed 7 times. After that I did not place a bet here T came once and TIE was done. Was ready to bat because once D had arrived. After that the next batting was won by putting ₹2500 D. Again I had put ₹1000 on D and won that too. Here I lost ₹500 by hitting the dragon. But I won by investing ₹1600 on D site.Here our balance was done, ₹22600 rupees on the wallet, so I had closed the game here .


App Size : 32 MB
OS : Android
Withdrawal Type : Bank /UPI/Paytm
Withdraw Min : ₹100
Withdraw Max : ₹50000


The tricks mentioned here worked in my Id and I won money. But if you want to play this game then it is your own responsibility. We are here only for this information, what is information – oriented.


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